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Cabell Gateway
Cabell Gateway is fully leased. Offering fee,simple site, with shared parking. 5,000 square feet developable. Please see for more information. ... click here for more

East Hills Professional Center
East Hills Professional Center will complete exterior renovation in January 2008. Three new offices will open in February with a backlog of 7 sales starting in February. The three story office building for Natural Resources Partners has begun above ground construction. Occupancy is planned for third quarter of 2008. Please... click here for more

Commerce Park
GC Services, a global support service company, has completed improvements to Flex, a 32,000 square foot facility with 400 car parking on a 5 acre site. A new follow flex building has commenced construction. Proposals to potential tenants have been made. Please see for more information. ... click here for more

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News will be posted soon. ... click here for more

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